How Much Do Car Insurance Rates Go Up After A DUI?

How Much Do Car Insurance Rates Go Up After A DUI?

That last drink at happy hour can cost more than you’d ever imagined if you end up with a DUI. Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and the financial repercussions can follow you for years.

There are legal and insurance consequences to contend with after a DUI conviction. The penalties the court can give out vary widely depending on the state but usually include fines, license suspension and/or jail time.

Your car insurance company will also take notice, and you’ll generally see a spike in your insurance rates at renewal time. According to Forbes Advisor’s analysis, the national average auto insurance rate increase for drivers with a DUI is 74%. That king-size rate increase translates to an extra $1,470 a year for car insurance. By comparison, the average rate increase after a speeding ticket is only 21% and the rate increase after an accident is 41%.

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